Food Craft Institute (FCI) is a non-profit educational institution founded in 2011 with the mission to reshape the U.S. food landscape by creating a permanent sector of viable artisan food businesses.

We firmly believe that revitalization of the American food system requires a deep understanding of honest entrepreneurship rooted in an appreciation for both traditional and novel foodmaking techniques. Neither a business school or a culinary institution, our alternative approach combines classroom sessions focused on practical business skill development and on-the-ground entrepreneurial mentorship, supporting the regrowth of lost foodways and craftsmanship. Whether in the practitioner facility of a master craftsman or with a strategist in our Oakland classroom, FCI courses are structured to challenge and manifest your personal stance to the question: “What does food craft mean to you?”

    Available courses

    This two-day course provides a toolkit for examining the fiscal pulse of any food business. Whether confused about cash flow or concerned about mismanaged margins, students will learn the finance and accounting skills needed to lay sound financial groundwork and to forecast for the future.

    This two-day course expands attendees’ knowledge of financing and capitalization options for small food businesses, leaving entrepreneurs with a guidebook for financing their food business, as well as the tools to tell their story to potential investors.